Property Purchase & Investment in Furano

- Steps to your real estate investment -

Step 1 – Check the properties available for sale.

Check out property information through the websites, e-mail news, newspaper etc. provided by the qualified real estate agencies and find out the interesting properties for you.

Step 2 – Contact the real estate agencies.

Make sure with the agents about the properties you are interested in to get more detailed information about the properties, investment details, and purchasing process.
* Properties are not held until you sign the contract to purchase.

Step 3 – Find your solicitor to check the contract.

You can ask the real estate agent to find out your solicitor if you do not have. It is extremely important to check the legal documents and contracts with your solicitor. We introduce some English speaking solicitor to work for you.

Step 4 – Sign the sale contract and Pay the deposit

If all the contract details are good for you, sign the papers and pay the non-refundable deposit usually around 10% of the property purchase price.
If the properties you would like to purchase is new developments, you cannot exchange the sales contract until the development approval is granted.

Step 5 – Pay the balance and Title transfer

You will acquire the property title when the balance amount is paid to the seller.

Step 6 – Proceed the property title transfer registration.

Once the balance payment and the title transfer completed, the solicitor move forward to register the property title transfer with the registry.
It takes around 2 weeks.

Step 7 – Find the management company.

All About Furano Management team is available.
Management company handles your property for letting and maintenance.

Step 8 – All set for property investment in Japan

You are now the owner of property in Furano and check the returns from there time to time. More detailed procedures are available, if you specify the property you are interested in.

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