Furano Realty Services

AAF ( = All About Furano) is a licensed realtor in Furano.
Our office is located in the middle of Kitanomine area, which is the main hotel area with the ski resort in Furano.
Our company starts from a family running hotel in this area, and we are familiar with Furano locals.

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Real Estate Agency License Information
Hokkaido Governor License, Kamikawa (2) #1230

北海道知事免許, 上川(2) 第1230号


Property Investment Services

More than a real estate agent.
Real Estate Agency services finds the best property for you after our consultation of your property investment in Furano. We have the following property investment services after your property purchase if needed.

All About Furano Property Management Services helps you to find the right architect and building company, take care of all the construction procedures. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & OPERATION SERVICES take care of running your holiday houses and apartments on the holiday market, and creates the returns on your investment. Our teams cover all the parts of your property investment in Furano.

Private House Lodging Management registration on 15 June 2018
Registration number : (02) F 00291 by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation

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We provide full service at every step