Property Consulting

We provide the latest property market information in Furano, and hear your request of your investment, which find out the most ideal property for the customers.

Property Sales

All the steps of purchasing and selling the real estate are provided by us.
We make the clear guidance of those steps and what you need to prepare.
The related cost of purchasing and selling the properties are explained for each case.

Property Listing

If you have the property (or properties) in Furano, and would like to sell it (them),
we can put the information on our listing, that accelerates to find the potential buyers.

Japanese & English Documents

For the cases of real estate deals in Furano, Japanese is the official legal language. All the documents related to property purchase and sale are explained and prepared in both English and Japanese.

Project Management

Construction / Refurbishment plan are supported by our project management service. You will find the right architect and construction company for your building plans.

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Property Management

It is important to have the team to maintain your house/apartment onsite to create the rental returns from the holiday visitors. We originally started the company as the property management service company, and we provide the best management and operation service in Furano.

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AAF Office - main office

AAF Reception - Realty & Holiday counter

More than a real estate agent

Real Estate Agency services finds the best property for you after our consultation of your property investment in Furano.

We have the following property investment services after your property purchase if needed.


PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICE helps you to find the right architect and building company, take care of all the construction procedures.


PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & OPERATION SERVICES take care of running your holiday houses and apartments on the holiday market, and creates the returns on your investment.

Our teams cover all the parts of your property investment in Furano.